Classic dentistry

We offer you the full spectrum of services that you would expect from your dental practice. Starting with – ideally six-monthly – check-ups and prevention to the treatment of caries, broken teeth, periodontitis, root canal problems and CMD (“incorrect bite”). We can provide dentures in the design you want and can perform dental implants. And of course we help you to maintain or restore the natural beauty of your teeth.

We use all modern-day materials and technologies for dental fillings – either after caries treatment or for amalgam restoration, or with inlays: cement and compomer (for milk teeth and as a temporary solution), composite (tooth-coloured synthetic), ceramic or even metal. We carry out root canal treatments with microscope glasses so that we can work with the maximum possible accuracy – protecting healthy tissue and your sensitivity to pain. We also use laser technology to help us achieve this aim.

You will find more information about the various treatments available in the navigation bar. Please be aware that we can only present a few selected aspects of our work here. If you cannot find the service you are looking for, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.