First, we make every effort to preserve your existing teeth and avoid the need for dentures as long as possible. However sooner or later, most people need to have missing dental tissue replaced due to broken teeth or disease. Modern dentistry has a wide range of materials and methods to do this.

For dentures, we only use materials that are extremely well tolerated by the body and which guarantee long-term stability and function. For dental fillings (inlays) that are usually carried out after the removal of caries, composite / synthetic, gold or ceramic are used. These latter substances, alongside titanium and zirconium oxide, also perform brilliantly as crowns or bridges. Ultimately, we of course also offer you dentures that we have designed to give you the best possible wearing comfort and which look as natural as possible.

The techniques and materials we use are combined on an individual basis, depending on the nature and extent of the damage to the teeth. We will be happy to offer you an in-depth consultation on the options available to you.