Endodontics with a microscope

Endodontics deals with diseases affecting the inside of the teeth, and especially the root canal. Many people still instinctively wince when they hear the term “root treatment”. Given the pain that the procedure was inevitably associated with until just a few years ago, it’s no surprise. Modern dentistry, however, offers more gentle and more accurate procedures that allow root canal treatment to be carried out in a “perfectly normal” dentist appointment. However, because the pain caused by the inflammation remains as unpleasant today as it was in the past, speed is usually of the essence. We will of course offer you priority treatment as an emergency patient if necessary.

The aim of any endodontic treatment is to preserve the affected tooth. If the pulp (the “dental nerve”) is inflamed, the affected tissue needs to be removed and the root canal widened. The bacteria are destroyed and the root of the tooth is then tightly filled. Thanks to a local anaesthetic, you will feel virtually none of this treatment yourself. During endodontic procedures, we use a microscope to enable us to work with as much precision as possible. This is because the root canal system has numerous small and tiny nerve branches throughout. It means that we can be sure we are only removing diseased tissue – and all of it – and protecting healthy tissue. We will be happy to tell you more about our endodontic treatment methods in a one-to-one consultation.