It may not be news to anyone, but given the widespread lack of it actually being put into practice, we really cannot stress enough: good prevention, with a little effort now, will avoid greater damage and disease in the future.

The bedrock of comprehensive prevention is dental hygiene at home. We will gladly show and explain to you what to do and how you might be able to improve your hygiene routines at home. Your diet also has a role to play and, if you’d like us to, we will be pleased to explain how.

But even the most thorough cleaning cannot completely remove harmful deposits. This is why you should have your teeth professionally cleaned at our practice at regular intervals – with experts recommending six-monthly intervals. Even stubborn deposits can be removed and the teeth sealed with a special protective coating. Although statutory health insurance companies generally do not cover the costs of cleaning, the principle of prevention still applies: skimping on a small investment today in your own dental health will mean being faced sooner or later with considerable costs for treatment and dentures, let alone the avoidable pain and limitations of function associated with poor dental health. Comprehensive prophylaxis also includes regular check-ups at which any developing conditions can be detected in their early stages; as a result, rapid treatment can generally be initiated to restore your dental health.